Converted wiktionary files

A list of useful wordlists and data extracted from the English wiktionary can be found here. The list includes vocabulary wordlist, IPA pronounciation, translations with missing French words, Spanish and French wiktionary database. You can also find a file with wiki abstracts here.

FileFile sizeLast update
Vocab.zip418 kB2007-11-27
clean-wikt.zip2261 kB2008-04-20
czech_words.zip91 kB2007-02-16
data.zip176 kB2007-02-12
english-corpus.zip261 kB2007-02-11
english-wiktionary.zip3314 kB2007-04-03
es-wiktionary.txt.gz495 kB2006-10-28
fr-wiktionary.txt.gz3415 kB2006-10-23
german-wiktionary.zip889 kB2007-04-03
german.txt1229 kB2008-04-19
ipa.txt.gz186 kB2006-10-22
missing-french-words.txt69 kB2007-03-20
missing-french_words2.txt97 kB2007-03-20
russian-french-dictionary.txt443 kB2007-04-11
wiki-abstracts.zip3191 kB2007-04-19

Online materials

If you wish to learn foreign languages online you may like these useful links. You can learn new words in the basic vocabulary. Train new words in the vocabulary trainer. List translations along with illustrations and photos in the picture dictionary. Or you can learn from a list of the most commonly used phrases.

Learn languages online

If you would like to learn a specific foreign language you may like these pages which include a list of resources for the chosen language. You can find online materials for learning these languages: English, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian or Spanish.